We are passionate about what we do. Our commitment to good quality ensures that all BisCotto products are manufactured in a safe and hygienic environment. We ensure that all our products retain that “homemade” quality and taste. This is why we choose only the freshest ingredients and maintain a high standard of manufacturing practices in our bakery.
Creativity in design and presentation is a major reason why many of our customers keep coming back to us. Moreover, we try to keep adding unique flavours and innovation textures to present something fresh and different to our customers.
Please feel welcome to visit us and discover what makes “BisCotto” so exceptional.
BisCotto appreciates your feedback and would like to hear from you. Also, if you’d like to schedule a meeting with our team to cater for your upcoming event, please get in touch with us!

Tel : 00 973 17 230 302
Manama - Kingdom of Bahrain
Email : sales@mybiscotto.com
Instagram : @biscotto_